Meet the 2017 Youth Leadership Campers

Meet the 2017 Youth Leadership Campers


Gracie Allen | Oologah, Okla. | Sophomore

Gracie has exhibited swine for four years. She is currently historian for her local FFA chapter and her agri-science project studying venus fly-traps was state champion last year and she represented Oklahoma in the national competition. Graice is looking forward to seeing the process of raising pigs, something she’s very familiar with on a small scale, and how it looks on a large scale and learning about the efficiencies of modern pork production.




Angelica Beck


Angelica Beck | Holdenville, Okla. | Sophomore

Angelica started showing swine in 2011 and has quickly built her herd to two boars and 10 sows. She exhibits swine at several shows each year and has a full 4-H and FFA career that includes community service, livestock judging and craft projects for local and state fairs. Angelica hopes to learn more about the challenges large pork producers face daily and how they handle the misperceptions the public has about their operations.



Cheyenne Britt

Cheyenne Britt | Sand Springs, Okla. | Junior

Cheyenne has shown pigs for the past three years. Cheyenne also has an agribusiness project selling pig feeders. With the help of her father, Cheyenne researched how pigs eat and behave with different types of feeders. They then developed a prototype feeder that is durable and reduces feed waste. Cheyenne looks forward to being able to communicate with leaders and professionals in the swine industry to better understand how the pork industry makes a positive impact on society. 



Krista Carroll


Krista Carroll | Tishomingo, Okla. | Sophomore

Krista has shown pigs for the past five years. She played an active role in the breeding, farrowing and weaning process for several sows over those years. Last year her family was able to have two barrows processed and they were able to provide their family and other local families with fresh pork. Krista took great pride in being part of that process and through camp she hopes to learn more about the pork industry so she can help bridge the gap between consumers and producers.



Asher Corter


Asher Corter | Cushing, Okla. | Senior

Asher and his family have raised pigs on and off for many years. But in 2011 he decided to make showing swine a focus of his 4-H career. He now has many sows that he breeds each year and is selling pigs to other students to show. He plans to keep his swine operation going to help provide funds for college. He is also in involved in the Dexter Cattle Association and is the State 4-H Reporter. Asher is excited to spend the week of camp with peers that have the same interests and learn all he can about the swine industry.



Halle Hartman


Halle Hartman | Sentinel, Okla. | Junior

Halle has shown pigs since she was two years old and now has a 20-head sow herd. She is the vice-president of her 4-H club and participates in the state wheat show each year. She exhibited the Reserve Grand Commercial Gilt at the OYE in 2016. Halle wants to attend camp so she can learn about the commercial swine industry and become a better advocate for the industry she loves.



Kaylee Holt


Kaylee Holt | Shattuck, Okla. | Sophomore

Kaylee is very involved in her family’s swine business, Holt Livestock, that raises Berkshire and Crossbred pigs. She also participates in several local community enrichment programs such as a holiday food drive and planning flowers around Shattuck. She serves as the reporter for her local FFA chapter. Kaylee is excited for this unique opportunity to see the commercial swine industry first hand.



Halley Hoskins


Halley Hoskins | Sapulpa, Okla. | Sophomore

Halley is currently the Treasurer of her FFA chapter and has a passion for leadership and bringing everyone’s views together. Swine is one of her projects and she made both the Oklahoma Youth Expo gilt sale and Tulsa State Fair gilt sale in 2015. Halley has a passion for photography and has already completed an internship with Final Drive Photography. She is looking forward to all the hands-on pork industry experience during camp.



Tyler Jenkins


Tyler Jenkins | Norman, Okla. | Sophomore

Tyler comes from a family that has raised pigs for many generations and he has shown pigs since he was 9 years old. He is currently serving as his FFA chapter’s vice-president. After graduation, he wants to own a farm, work as a pharmacist and work as volunteer fireman. Through Youth Leadership Camp, Tyler hopes to gain a better understanding of the commercial swine industry and the opportunities it provides.



Cade Leonard


Cade Leonard | Chelsea, Okla. | Junior

Cade began showing pigs when he was nine years old. He has also shown other species of animals but over the years caring for and feeding pigs has become his favorite. He is dedicated to improving his showmanship skills and recently won his county showmanship contest earning him a four-year tuition waiver to Rogers State University. Cade wants to attend camp so he can learn more about commercial swine production and bring that information back to his fellow FFA students who show pigs.


Drew Spradlin


Drew Spradlin | Porum, Okla. | Junior

Drew has shown pigs since he was nine years old and he’s built up a sow herd and has exhibited pigs he raised the past two years and is also selling pigs to other students for them to show. In addition to showing pigs, Drew has a woodchip business and is concurrently enrolled at Connors State College.  Through camp, Drew hopes to learn more about how to communicate about the issues facing the pork industry.



Rhett Taylor

Rhett Taylor | Okemah, Okla. | Junior

Rhett is very passionate about the purebred hog industry – especially the Hereford breed. His swine herd consists of Berkshire, Chester White, Duroc and Hereford sows and he has farrowed out over 300 weaning pigs. Rhett is currently running for State 4-H President and is the reporter for his local FFA Chapter.  Rhett is excited about meeting new friends at camp and learning more about the pork industry that he plans to be involved in for the rest of his lifetime. 

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