Prior to 1991, swine production had been a small but important agricultural industry in Oklahoma. Today, Oklahoma’s pork industry is the states 2nd-largest agricultural enterprise and is ranked 8th among U.S. pork producing states.

The production and processing segments of Oklahoma's pork industry provide almost16,000 jobs and are worth $636.7 million. Pork producers have also invested nearly $1 billion in fixed assets in Oklahoma’s economy. Agricultural economists estimate that each dollar increase in pork production results in nearly a threefold increase in direct and indirect impacts on Oklahoma’s economy.

Several factors have helped to power Oklahoma's growth as a major pork-producing state. Oklahoma's favorable climate relative to the Midwest was a major factor. Lower costs for land and labor also played an important role. Finally, there was desire and interest from many Oklahoma farmers to start a pork production enterprise.

The Oklahoma Pork Council is a member-driven organization that represents the interests of all Oklahoma pork producers. The organization's membership consists of producers, associates and friends. Producer members must be Oklahoma residents actively involved in the production of porcine animals. Membership benefits include representation in public policy forums, information on public promotion, interaction with other producers with similar interests, updates on industry-related activities, events and research and the Pork Pages & Pork Partner publications. For more information on membership benefits and services, contact the Oklahoma Pork Council at 1-888-SAY-PORK (1-888-729-7675).fir