okPORK Feeds 150 Linemen in NW Okla

Contact: Lindsay Tasos, 405-232-3781 or LTasos@okpork.org


Oklahoma Pork Council Feeds more than 150 Linemen

(WOODWARD, OKLA.) – January 31, 2017 Last night at the Woodward fairgrounds, okPORK and Smithfield Foods worked together to feed the working linemen in northwestern Oklahoma. The linemen received pork burgers, baked beans, homemade chips and cookies. All the food was donated by okPORK.

When the ice storm struck Oklahoma, there were more than 10,000 people that lost power, including local Smithfield hog operations in Woodward, Harper, Ellis and Beaver Counties. Northwestern Electric Cooperative provides meals and laundry services to the working linemen.

“NWEC has brought power crews and linemen from all over the country to help get power back on,” Cathy Vaughan, Smithfield Safety and Communications Coordinator, said. “We have guys eating here from Louisiana, Missouri, Texas, Georgia, Oklahoma and Mississippi. We thought it would be a great opportunity to come out here and feed these guys tonight to honor their hard work and with the help of okPORK this turned out to be a great event.”

okPORK employees that were present at the event included Lloyd Hawkins and Lindsay Tasos.

“We felt like this was a great opportunity to say thank you to the linemen that have worked so hard to get power back on for our fellow Oklahomans,” Hawkins said. “Thankfully there are only about 200 people without power now and these linemen are going to work until the area is fully powered.”