Youth Pork Quality Assurance

Youth PQA Plus is the pork quality and animal well-being certification program for producers age 8 to 19.

Youth PQA Plus mirrors the content of the industry’s adult program Pork Quality Assurance Plus™, or PQA Plus™, but presents it in a format conducive to the learning of youth. For all the details of NPB’s Youth PQA program including teaching materials, guidelines for certification and an advisor locator, click here. The Oklahoma Pork Council provides added value to youth swine exhibitors who keep their Youth PAQ Plus certification status current. Youth who are PQA Plus certified will receive

  • a chance to be selected from the among pool of certified exhibitors for prizes
  • eligibility for support from okPORK in premium auctions, and
  • eligibility for okPORK scholarships.

Your Youth PQAPlus certification must be current on the day your swine project is nominated for the show.


Steps to Youth PQA+ online certification:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on the Certification tab

  3. Choose Youth PQA+ 

  4. Choose “Program” Details

  5. Press the orange “Certify Online” button

  6. Get started by clicking register on the right side of log in boxes

  7. Call (800) 456-7675 if assistance is needed