The Oklahoma Pork Council is a producer organization consisting of pork producers throughout Oklahoma. We represent the interests of all pork producers.

Through  federally collected Checkoff monies we are able to promote pork and pork products, fund research, and educate consumers and producers about the pork industry.

Also, we are able to provide consumers with current food safety information, nutritional value, and preparation tips for pork products. This includes recipes, cookbooks, educational materials for classrooms and promotional materials.

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National Pork Board Applauds Efforts to Curb Antibiotic Resistance

DES MOINES, IOWA — April 4, 2016 — The National Pork Board is leading the conversation to combat…

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December Hogs & Pigs Report: Friendly but Ominous

USDA’s quarterly Hogs and Pigs Report released December 23 was friendly for Lean Hogs futures next spr…

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Court Nixes Activists’ Attempt To Get Farm Data

In a victory for U.S. farmers and ranchers in their ongoing fight to protect private and sensitive personal …

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A Day in the Life…

So fresh and so clean, clean...

What's the first thing you do when you get to work in the morning? Do you snag a cup of coffee? Talk about last night's television programs with your cowor…

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A place to call your own

This photo is of sows in individual stalls in a farm in western Oklahoma. It is one way farmers choose to keep their pigs healthy and safe. Farmers in O…

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You've heard of pigs in a blanket, what about pigs in a pile?

The above photo shows sows in a group housing situation.  Legislators talk about it. Farmers talk about it. Activists talk about it. Moms in the city t…

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Why shouldn't you tell a pig a secret?

Pigs squeal! (That's why you should never tell them a secret). Now that you're paying attention - we are so glad you are here. We want you to get…

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